Assassin’s Creed Rogue  screenshot

Assassin’s Creed Rogue

Ubisoft has officially confirmed the release of Assassin’s Creed Rogue, the latest installment to their popular assassin’s creed franchise. The game is expected to be the darkest chapter ever released with a templar point of view. The most interesting feature is that the central character of this game will be an ‘assassin hunter’.

Plot of the game deals with the dark transformation of a fearless fighter of Assassin community called Shay Patrick Cormac during the chaos of French & Indian wars. He turns away from the Assassin colonies and becomes an assassin hunter in course of time. He uses the skills learnt from Assassin Brotherhood to take down the people whom you once respected as brothers.

In this game, you will observe the universe which witnessed the reign of Assassins from Templar perspective. Shay possesses not only the deadly movements of a Master Assassin, but also deadly weapons and martial art skills we’ve never seen before. Shay equips his sheath with several weapons like specialized bullets, explosives like grenades and his iconic air rifle to distract enemies during both long range and short range combats.

Ubisoft has maintained the eagle vision feature in this game also, to help you detect enemies hidden in crowds, rooftops and shadows and protect yourself from them. Access this feature constantly to detect, confuse and eliminate the threat using the ammunitions you have. According to Ubisoft, improvements implemented on this feature have wiped out the hassle of locking a target.

The game will take you first-hand through the events that made Shay walk through the dark path and think like a committed Templar. You will witness the grim expressions of Shay, which will rewrite the fate of Assassins. The game also contains naval combat portions inspired by the award winning naval warfare of Black Flag, using your new ship called The Morrigan. These fights will take place in icy North Atlantic oceans and mysterious river valleys of America.

They include:

  • Defending new tactics: You will have to defend yourself and overthrow Assassins, who tries to board the ship by taking down your crew. Make counterattacks as quickly as possible to prevent losing large number of crew members.
  • New weapons to use: You have interesting weapons such as burning oil and puckle gun for delivering maximum destruction. The former can be used to burn enemies by setting a fire trail behind them. The latter can unleash machine-gun-like fire.
  • A mysterious arctic world: Ram through ice fields and discover shortcuts and hidden locations. You can also hide behind icebergs to cover yourself from enemies.

According to the latest announcement from Ubisoft, the game release on November 11, 2014 for Xbox and PlayStation 3 (PS3) platforms. Information about PC version is not available yet. Anyway, one thing is sure… This game will be a complete turning point in Assassin’s saga!