iPhone 6  screenshot

iPhone 6

It seems like Apple is going to put an end to the eager waiting for the most rumoured iPhone 6, at a setting very special to the company due to historical significance, indicating how important this occasion is for the tech giant.

Apple had officially confirmed September 9th as the launch date of iPhone 6, their first baby in phablet line a few days ago. The event will be conducted at the same venue where Steve Jobs, the company’s late co-founder unveiled the first Mac computer in 1984. Mac was a turning point in company history which paved the way to a breakthrough of personal computing. Surprise launch of Apple’s wearable device is also expected at this event.

Apple conducts such events for releasing every product of theirs, but iPhone 6’s release is expected to be the most anticipated event. Such a trend was last seen in their iPad release in 2010. The event becomes even special as the world expects the first wearable Apple innovation also. The invitation to reporters mailed by apple on Thursday is succinct, but the agenda of the event is yet to be known. The event will be held at a giant auditorium at Cupertino in California with 2300 seats, situated 3km away from Apple head quarters.

iPhone 6 is expected to sport a 4.7inch display which will raise the bar for Android rivals such as Samsung, Sony etc. A 5.5 inch model of the phone is also there in rumors. Market analysts predict that about 70 million iPhone 6 units will be sold within first 6 months after release. Beginning of iPhone series’ facelift process is expected through this device. Smartwatch will be a great companion to iPhone6, which will enable quick access to social media, internet, health etc.

Expectations about these devices have reflected in stock market also. Apple’s stock could hit a record peak of $102.78 on Thursday before it fell back to $102.25, the closing price. Apple’s shares have shown a rise of 25 percent this year.