Get paid for writing or playing  screenshot

Get paid for writing or playing

From now on we will pay you USD$10 for every article, user review or game play that you get published in our website!

Choose between:

  • Write an user review
  • Tutorials
  • Write a complete article for something you consider it's important.
  • Send us a gameplay video recording.

The rules also are very easy:

  • Don't copy any content!
  • If you create a video, show an image of phpnuke inside of it, so we can be sure it's original from you.
  • All your material has to be written by you and it does not have to be published in other websites or have copied content (we will check that thoroughly)
  • We will publish your articles or videos in our web, after checking if the content meets PHPnuke's topics and our experts' approval, with your name and your photo next to it so everyone will know you are the original writer

Come on, we are looking forward to reading what you have to say about the latest software and videogames! Write anything you want about any topic and send it to support @, we will proofread it and publish all what you want to tell the rest of the world.

By sending your content to you agree to all terms described above and agree to transfer the distribution rights to us although you will keep being the original writer.