Samsung announces a rival to Google Glass - The Gear Glass  screenshot

Samsung announces a rival to Google Glass - The Gear Glass

The tech world had been waiting for a rival to Google Glass from Samsung, the world’s most popular Smartphone manufacturer. Everyone expected the news to get ended up as a rumour, but Samsung recently confirmed that their latest wearable device will arrive to hit the market in September, 2014 as a new member of their ‘Gear’ family of wearable technologies with a name, ‘Gear Glass’. The Tech giant will unveil this product in IFA Consumer Electronics Show in September and will be available to the world soon after the launch.

According to Korean business portal, Business Korea, the device will be powered by Samsung’s very own operating System, ‘Tizen’. Through this product, Samsung also aims at bringing their ‘Tizen’ OS to the mainstream to take down Android, the leading Smart device Operating System who holds the lion’s share of market today.

The device is looks alike with a Bluetooth earpiece, with a display that comes in front of the eye. The device is expected to beat Google Glass in matters of technical specifications and usability. Price is still not announced. It was Google who first introduced the concept of Smart Glasses, as an extension of Smart phones.

They facilitates big screen movie watching on the go and almost all smart phone features such as GPS location, video calling and social networking. Google stopped selling their smart glass and left the seat after one day of sale and therefore Samsung expects a massive profit from Gear Glass. It seems like the coming era will be of wearable technologies and we expect these technologies to give a new dimension to today’s communication concepts.