Last the idea of ​​hackers  screenshot

Last the idea of ​​hackers

Updating the printer or router interfaces is not a popular activity Experts from Columbia University during the recent RSA conference demonstrated how a network printer from outside can turn into dangerous zombies.Shown attack on a fictitious company, the infection ovverr printer HP Laserjet 2055 has no seen computer threatsMalware was sent via email as a common document, which infects your printer and, consequently, "operators" could eavesdrop on the conversation.Enable Malware create a tunnel to server from which you can it handle the virus.

Most often, these servers are "stolen" and their owners do not know anythingSuch viruses can: eavesdrop on phone conversations, stealing documents from the companies.Changed printer firmware can survive subsequent updates, because the code that controls uploade renovation could be modified so that the infected part of the software is lowered and unmodified during the update. Hopefully few people update their printer drivers. Often not even know that such exist.

Power of Malware:

Dutch police states that hackers expertise is criminal organizations. Last year, police confiscated Anwerpii ton of drugs from South America hidden in containers. Criminals used the malware to take over computers in the harbor. As a result, gained access to the records. They knew where their containers. Not only that gained control of the elevators, so that their containers have missed checks.