Yahoo Ending  screenshot

Yahoo Ending

Can a dead man manage his social account? Yes, you may be wondered how? Now people can make their digital presence alive even after their death. Deceased people can make a final message as well as mange their social profile as how they want to be appeared after death.

Yahoo Japan has recently launched the service called "Yahoo Ending". This service let you manage your personal account data including likes, photos, preference and social profiles. Those whose death period is fixed can tell yahoo ending about their inevitable and yahoo ending will solve the modern day's poser of what happens to the social profile or email account of a person after his/her death. This service also offers to send final messages or email to family, friends and circle once the unavoidable happens. However this service should begin when the user is still breathing otherwise it's not possible. When Yahoo Ending receives an official death notification, it can delete all the associated data, cancel yahoo wallet expense and send the final message to selected friends; with whom you've shared valuable time of your life. Beyond that this service can also send a message from your Smartphone so you can be still alive behind the grave.

Really Yahoo Japan has launched an awesome service, before this people were too worried about their digital presence after their death as how they'll be managed. But now even loved one of deceased person can visit special bulletin-board page and post memorial messages. Not only that this service will also helps users to estimate funeral cost arrangement and let search for cemetery.

Besides this Gmail also let user to automatically delete user's data after a definite time after they configure the time in "Inactive Account Manger tool", however this is not only targeted for deceased person or those whose death time is predictable. Along with this Facebook also offer service to share memorial videos of deceased person to mange virtual presence of those people.

However Yahoo Japan has gone beyond other services and offers users to manage everything, yahoo has planned to associate with other companies also so that user can configure Yahoo Ending to tell those companies to close the user's account and associated services. This service cost $1.77 per month. Thanks Yahoo for letting people to manage their presence after their death.