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Top AdSense CPC Optimization tips

Google Adsense is a well-known and, in fact, one of the biggest, networks out there. If you have it on your website, but you’re still not making enough money, the reason might be simpler than you think: you need to optimize your AdSense CPC score.

CPC stands for cost-per-click and is basically the amount of money you make, when someone clicks on your ad. In this line of thought, it’s not the amount of impressions your ad gets that matters - CPC has nothing to do with the traffic to your website. So, how can you optimize your AdSense CPC and start making more money?

Target high-paying keywords

The way search engine operate is by relying on keywords. This is actually great news, since it allows you to target specific, high-paying keywords, regardless of your specific niche, audience or industry. Currently, the highest paying keywords are law-related and include phrases such as “structure settlements” and “personal injury attorneys”, but you can also browse various lists and determine which keywords work best for your website and audience.

Promote content that brings revenue

Some content bring higher CPCs than other. Keep digging, when you find gold - try to identify what type of content brings you revenue and stick to it.


Placement is often one of the most neglected aspects of an ad, while, in fact, it’s directly proportional to your Adsense revenue. As a general rule, place two ads inside your blog post and one outside of it. Check out placement heatmaps to determine the best sizes and locations of your ads and boost your CPC… and your revenues!

Seologies Semantic AdSense CPC Optimization

Did you know that you can boost your CPC with a small change to the way your content is written? ’ Semantic AdSense CPC Optimization tool discovers which terms to include in your text to increase your CPC. Based on the kind of ads you want to attract, you can select from the best-paying terms and insert them into the article. It’s one of the simplest and most efficient ways to optimize your CPC and turn your blog into a profitable business.

Use a competitive ad filter

You can choose to use a competitive ad filter in Google AdSense - it will block specific or general ads from appearing on your web pages. This is generally helpful, if you’re trying to block ads that might belong to your competitors and thus, indirectly increase your CPC. In fact, consider taking advantage of the Ad Review Center to block any category that might not bring you the revenue you need. If your blog is about technology and innovation, you wouldn’t want dating ads to appear on your website, would you? Filter the ads and watch your CPC increase in turn.